Open Ephys poster and meeting @SfN2015


There will be two main Open Ephys events at this years SfN:

Aaron, Josh, Yogi, Jon, myself and others will be hanging out at our poster on Sunday afternoon, BB46 and talk about as well as demo the upcoming plugin interface (C++, Python, Julia, Matlab).

The Open Ephys meeting will be on Monday, 6:30 pm, Convention center room N230. We’ll have a quick overview of what Open Ephys is up to as well as demos and presentations of associated projects.

We’ll have time for discussions etc. at both the poster and the meeting, and we’ll set up some hands-on demos of hardware and software at both. Jon Newman will be demoing his new ultra-fast and precise open source LED driver, we’ll show how easy it is to write new plugins for the GUI and to set up closed-loop experiments, integrate video tracking and much more.

Also, there will be a poster by Chris Black et al. on using the Open Ephys system for EEG with simultaneous Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) on Wednesday morning, S2. Drop by and see how the system can be used to minimize artifacts in EEG recordings, and besides the methods there’s interesting science.

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