Open Ephys @ SfN2016


There’s a lot of Open Ephys and open-source science related stuff going on at SfN this year:

We will be hanging out at our poster on Wed., Nov16, afternoon, MMM62 and talk about, the next generation system and interface standard that we’ve been working on. We’ll also have a prototype system to play with that was developed and built by Jon Newman, Aarón Cuevas López, and myself.

The quick summary is that we’re proposing a standard for PCIe based acquisition systems that can deliver very high data rates, submillisecond latencies, make it easy (and cheap) to add new data sources, and will be able to grow with new technology generations. All that is accomplished by using existing industry standards and interfaces. The project overlaps with Open Ephys but our hope is that it will serve as a pretty generic interface standard for many applications.

We’ll also have a Open Ephys meeting on Monday, 6:30 pm, Marriott Ballroom A. We’ll bring the poster and live demo, and have a quick overview of what Open Ephys is up to, and have time to chat with current and potential users and developers.

In addition, here are some posters that highlight open-source tools for electrophysiology and imaging:

Saturday afternoon, FFF9 “Validation and biological relevance of a real-time ripple detection module for Open Ephys”

Saturday afternoon, KKK58 “Smartscope 2: automated imaging for morphological reconstruction of fluorescently-labeled neurons”

Sunday afternoon, LLL49 “LabStreamingLayer: a general multi-modal data capture framework”

Sunday afternoon, LLL47 “RTXI: a hard real-time closed-loop data acquisition system with sub-millisecond latencies”

Monday afternoon, U5 “Wirelessly programmable module for custom deep brain stimulation”

Tuesday afternoon, JJJ18 “Low latency, multichannel sharp-wave ripple detection in a low cost, open source platform”

Wednesday afternoon, MMM56 “A multi-target 3D printed microdrive for simultaneous single-unit recordings in freely behaving rats”

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