This is the website/blog of Jakob Voigts. I’m a postdoc in Mark Harnett’s lab at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT. I am interested in characterizing the computations are that animals perform when they interact with their environment, and how these are implemented in the brain. I am currently mostly working on ways to test whether dendritic computations contribute to cortical computations.

My lab will open in 2022 at HHMI Janelia Research Campus, see the lab website for details.

I did my PhD work with Chris Moore and Emery Brown. In my graduate research I was using optogenetic methods, electrophysiology, and 2-photon imaging in awake behaving mice to study how sensory data is processed by the neocortical circuitry, particularly how neocortex builds models of the environment and updates them.

Because a lot of these questions require new tools, I also do a bit of tech development. A lot of ephys specific information and tools can be found at Open Ephys, the non-profit that I co-founded with Josh Siegle that aims to make, showcase, and distribute cutting edge open-source tools for  neuroscience.

I set up  this blog as a space to post some small observations and method writeups that might be useful to others.

I can be reached directly at jvoigts snailsymbol mit.edu

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